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Bench Warrant Recall Law & Legal Definition

A bench warrant is a formal order of the court to law enforcement officers to arrest and bring to jail a person who has failed to appear in court ... A bench warrant recall is a reversal of authorization to make an arrest. ... Do It Yourself Legal Forms. Found on: Google

What does recall of warrant mean -

What does it mean if your name is in a search warrant? It depends on ... What does it mean when a warrant is withdrawn and or recalled? It means that the ... Found on: Google

Can I Avoid Arrest? - Warrant Assist

SERVICE When a warrant is served, or executed, it means that the person named ... The judge has the authority to recall or dismiss a warrant without it being served. ... does make some payment agreements on THEFT BY CHECK warrants. Found on: Google

Legal Advice for Warrant Recall | Find, Research, and Rate ...

Get free legal advice for Warrant Recall. 145 articles and ... I was then notified that the warrants had gotten recalled what does that mean? Asked in Brazoria, TX ... Found on: Google


Jul 24, 2014 ... What does WARRANT RECALL NOTICE AND ORIGINAL WARRANT RETURN - FTP mean Paid the collection agency and he said he would ... Found on: Google

How can I have a warrant for my arrest dismissed? – 55 Legal ...

55 answers from attorneys to the question How can I have a warrant for my arrest dismissed? ... If an attorney enters on your case, they can often have the warrant recalled (aka quashed, cancelled) However, if you have .... I'm not clear of your meaning. ..... Do I have to answer whether I was drinking or not? Found on: Google

Citations & Warrants – About Warrants - District Court 15-1-04

What does this mean? An Arrest Warrant ... What if I do nothing? Why am I being ... The warrant will be recalled after the plea and payment are received. You can  ... Found on: Google

What to Do When Facing a Bench Warrant - Criminal Law

A bench warrant, on the other hand, usually does not mean the police will be at ... and arrange to come in and pay the bail so that the warrant will be recalled. Found on: Google

How Do I Clear Up My Bench Warrant | Paul Puri

This means that the police or sheriffs can arrest you if (for any reason) you are ... with your attorney, and ask the court “to recall and discharge the bench warrant. Found on: Google

traffic event codes and descriptions

WARI/Warrant Issued. WARR/Warrant Recalled. WARS/Warrant Served. WRIT/ Writ Issued ABC; COMMENT. Incarceration Location Code; Free-form Comment. Found on: Google
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