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Bright Star's MDMA Synthesis for the First Time Chemist

HCl) -> MDMA oil; Crystallization: (MDMA oil + HCl in IPA/Xylene) (anhydrous ... Small shards from a broken coffee mug); Tubing (about 10ft. total (3 meters) ... Found on: Google

Crystal clear MDMA crystals? : MDMA - Reddit

Nov 29, 2014 ... I don't think there is a problem with clear MDMA, but the fact that is in shards is a little discerning. It could be meth, which can be very very ... Found on: Google

MDMA-Related Deaths: Stop Calling Them Overdoses | DanceSafe

However, MDMA-related deaths are rarely—if ever—the result of an overdose, ..... doesn't always mean a more pure product, when talking about MDMA shards. Found on: Google

Tweets about #mdma hashtag on Twitter

5.6% of high school seniors in the US have used #MDMA at least once in their .... Tiz Khalifa ‏@DaRealTizzy Jan 24 O'Fallon, IL. MOLLY SHARDS 👌 #MDMA. Found on: Google

Shard Garden , Hive Stimulants - mdma

Jan 20, 2004 ... Next the flask was transferred to the freezer for another 6 hours resulting in an 8ball of jumbo shards somewhat reminiscent of what is ... Found on: Google

Dots and Shards , Hive Stimulants - mdma

Oct 27, 2004 ... Although there are shards and spirals like noted in other write ups.. ? <- LEFT being the dots RIGHT being the Shards/Spirals ->. dextro Found on: Google

pictures missing , Hive Stimulants - mdma

Oct 13, 2004 ... Some of the biggest shards he has ever seen, at least from what he has told me, came from methamphetamine ascorbate/citrate. The shards ... Found on: Google
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